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Descrizione dei Corsi

Electromagnetic Simulation with FEKO
Introduction to Flux 2D/3D
Wave Propagation Analysis and Radio Network Planning with WinProp

Pre- and Postprocessing
Advanced CFD solution with Acusolve (2 days)
Advanced FEM model change with Morphing Technology (HyperMorph) (2 days)
Advanced Post Processing with Altair HyperView (1 day)
Aerospace solution with Altair HyperWorks (4 days)
Altair HyperWorks for ABAQUS profile (1 day)
Altair HyperWorks for ANSYS Profile (1 days)
Altair HyperWorks for LS - DYNA profile (1 day)
Crash industry-oriented modeling with Altair HyperCrash (2 days)
General CFD modeling with Altair HyperWorks (1 day)

Analysis and Optimization
Adv Multibody system simulation with Altair MotionSolve (1 day)
Altair nanoFluidX™ (2 days)
Fast electric motor concept design with Altair Flux Motor (1 day)
Fast kinematic analysis with Altair Inspire (1 day)
High frequency EM and antenna placement with Altair Feko (2 days)
Low frequency EM solution with Altair Flux (2 days)
Material composite design with Altair Multiscale Design (2 days)
Thermal Analysis with Altair OptiStruct (2 days)
Wave propagtion modeling with Altair WinProp (1 day)

Altair Inspire for Extrusion Metal Analysis (2 days)
Designing parts for Additive Manufacturing (4 days)
Fast casting simulation with Altair Inspire Cast (2 days)
Fast extrusion simulation with Altair Inspire Extrude (2 days)
Fast forming simulation with Altair Inspire Form (1 day)

Altair HyperMesh – Customizing Basic (1 day)
Altair HyperView/HyperGraph – Customizing Basic (1 day)

Altair Partner Alliance Products Training
AFDEX Advanced Customized Training
AlphaCell Training
Amphyon Training
Basic Training to Quickly Use HUByx Body Model
ChassisSim Bootcamp
CONVERSE Fundamentals Training
HUByx Physical Training
Introduction to Santos® Pro Concepts, Conventions, and Techniques
KTex Family Physical Training
KTex Family Web-Based Training
Maplesoft Training
NovaFlow&Solid Training

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