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Altair HyperWorks is the industry standard for an Automotive CAE Simulation-Driven Design. As the recognized leader for more than 25 years, automotive companies and their suppliers employ our patented license model for maximum value.

Lighter and More Efficient Powertrains at Renault The final design of the new powertrain achieved an 8% reduction in weight while improving in-house NVH and fatigue cumulated performance indicators by 30%. Read the Renault Case Study
U-Shin Improves Design of Automotive Parts with Altair CAE Solutions U-Shin handles tasks such as 3D meshing with HyperMesh, one of Altair’s pre-processing tools, crash simulations with RADIOSS, a FEA solver for highly nonlinear events, optimization and linear FEA tasks with OptiStruct, and DOE studies with HyperStudy Read the U-Shin Case Study

Growing consumer and governmental requirements has become an increasing challenge; as a result, auto manufacturers are increasing employing a Simulation-Driven Design process. Simulation-driven design optimizes performances, like fuel economy, safety, durability, drivability, and comfort, while allowing reducing design cycle times bringing new products to the market quicker.

“Altair helped us to greatly increase the impact of optimization by applying it in the early development phase, with an ambitious scope, yet coping with real industrial time and resource constraints.”

Dr. Anthony Hähnel, Powertrain NVH CAE Team Leader



High-performance crash simulation with 10 million elements (RADIOSS) Airbag deployment (RADIOSS) Cabin comfort (AcuSolve) Brake cooling (AcuSolve) Car frame design with topology optimization (OptiStruct) Water jacket surface pressure simulation (AcuSolve) Electromagnetic radiation pattern simulation (FEKO) Vehicle dynamics (MotionSolve)
High-performance crash simulation with 10 million elements (RADIOSS) Airbag deployment (RADIOSS) Cabin comfort (AcuSolve) Brake cooling (AcuSolve) Car frame design with topology optimization (OptiStruct) Water jacket surface pressure simulation (AcuSolve) Electromagnetic radiation pattern simulation (FEKO) Vehicle dynamics (MotionSolve)
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Optimization and Lightweighting

Analyzing the performance of structures is only one of the many steps in product development. Product engineers make proposals of how to modify a part to meet requirements on stress, weight, reliability, etc. While making these proposals, they strive for optimum designs developed in shorter design cycles. Such ambitious goals can be a reality using HyperWorks’ state-of the-art, innovative optimization methods.

HyperWorks offers optimization for both concept design and design fine-tuning stages of a multi-disciplinary product design cycle. OptiStruct is the award-winning integrated analysis and optimization tool that has concept design and design fine-tuning capabilities for structures. HyperStudy is the solver-neutral design exploration, study and optimization tool that can be used with nearly all 3rd party solvers.

Through the use of OptiStruct and HyperStudy, engineers can

  • Find the right design quicker, and get-to-market faster

  • Conceive innovative solutions to better performing designs

  • Minimize product cost and carbon footprint

  • Increase the product life-cycle with more reliable and robust designs

  • Increase productivity using the complete set of tools that supports the entire design process

Optimization allows engineers to explore thousands of design scenarios before investing in physical prototypes or tooling. The result is products with outstanding reliability and strength, improved fuel consumption and reduce manufacturing cost delivered on time.

Crash and Safety

Crash and safety conditions drive the design in most of the transportation industries. It is particularly true in the automotive industry. HyperWorks is the leading CAE integration platform for crash and safety design, and capably handles all the design steps, including:

  • Meshing and automated model construction with HyperMesh

  • Model assembling and checking with HyperCrash

  • Specialized features – Hybrid III dummies, airbags, seatbelts, sensors, slip rings with HyperCrash

  • Crash simulation with RADIOSS

  • DOE and structural optimization with HyperStudy and OptiStruct

  • Result visualization and analysis with HyperView

  • Report automation with HyperGraph

Experience why transportation engineers worldwide recognize HyperWorks as the premier suite of analysis tools for structural design under crash and safety conditions.

Noise and Vibration

Noise and vibration is one of the primary perceived quality traits of vehicles. Altair’s Noise and Vibration simulation technologies provide a comprehensive set of solutions for upfront problem solving allowing auto manufactures to elevate themselves above their competition.

HyperWork’s Noise and Vibrations solution includes

  • HyperMesh for powerful meshing and model assembly including specialized acoustic cavity mesher.

  • Full frequency, multi-physics solvers for steady-state and transient phenomena.

    • MotionSolve is an modern, high performance muli-body dynamics solver used in for applications like ride quality, shift quality, powertrain mounts and impact harshness.

    • OptiStruct is an industry proven, modern structural analysis solver for linear and non-linear structural problems under static and dynamic loadings. It is the market-leading solution for structural design and optimization. OptiStruct provides unique and advanced functionalities for NVH analysis and optimization, including Auto-TPA analysis, a large scale Eigen solver (AMSES), several model reduction techniques, design sensitivities and ERP response which makes it easy to optimize structures for NVH performance.

    • Fast multipole boundary element solver and high frequency statistical energy analysis capabilities (SEA) are available as part of the Altair Partner Alliance.

  • HyperView for best-in-class problem diagnostics and study: powerful post-processing utilities for understanding the physical root causes of NVH problems, and identifying sensitive parameters through quick what-if studies.

Altair’s product development consulting organization has captured its vast NVH knowledge and experience in the form of two packaged solutions offerings:

  • NVH Director is the most advanced true full-vehicle NVH solution, bringing benefits of highly sophisticated NVH simulation capabilities to NVH users facilitates efficient execution of all aspects of the full-vehicle NVH process, including subsystem meshing and assembly, NVH event simulation loadcases and solutions, and problem diagnostics and optimization.

  • Squeak and Rattle Director is software automation to rapidly identify and analyze design alternatives to eliminate the root causes of squeak and rattle (S&R) in assemblies.

Vehicle Dynamics

Whether you are riding in a an expensive sports car, an inexpensive sub-compact, or a rugged SUV or off-road vehicle, the ride and handling characteristics determine much of the perception of comfort and performance of your vehicle. Vehicle dynamics engineers need sophisticated methods for analyzing and improving the "feel" of an automobile, and simulation methods are essential in finding the optimal solution.

Altair multibody solutions help you simulate and optimize all of the important parameters that govern vehicle dynamics:

  • Suspension Design: Study your suspensions to find optimum suspension design factors.

  • Ride and Handling: Tune your full vehicle handling and ride characteristics using appropriate handling or durability tires.

  • Loads Prediction for Fatigue Analysis: Perform a four post durability analysis or a full vehicle analysis with durability tires and generate loads for your fatigue analysis with the virtual model.

Durability and Fatigue

The Durability of a product design is a key requirement in industry today. Customers expect a robust design. Late changes in the design cycle to respond to test results are expensive and create production and system risks. Simulation of the product durability provides early results and tremendous insight into the design for the product development team.

HyperWorks durability simulation tools include:

  • MotionView and MotionSolve for early concept load predictions and automation tools for sharing loads with finite element models.

  • OptiStruct is an industry proven, modern structural analysis solver for linear and non-linear structural problems under static and dynamic loadings. It is the market-leading solution for fatigue and stress analysis including new revolutionary fatigue optimization.

  • The Altair Partner Alliance provides access to leading fatigue solutions including FEMFAT, DesignLife, and CAEfatigue.

Aerodynamics and CFD

Using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in the product development process helps heavy industry engineers solve problems involving the flow, heat transfer and stress of fluids. HyperWork’s provides an integrated environment to meet your CFD design challenges.

In order to truly impact today’s compressed cycle times, it is necessary to have leading edge technology for building CFD models and visualizing results. HyperWork’s geometry manipulation, cleanup and mesh generation technologies are best in class included surfacing, volume fill, and boundary layer meshing.

Physical simulation applications areas include:

  • Aerodynamics including steady, unsteady, and overtaking maneuvers

  • Underhood flow and thermal management

  • Powertrain cooling systems

  • Climate control including cabin comfort and HVAC systems

  • Exhaust systems

  • Brake cooling

The HyperWork’s Virtual Wind Tunnel (VWT) provides an automated and streamlined workflow for wind tunnel simulation. Within VWT, engineers are able to more accurately and quickly predict an automobile or truck’s aerodynamic performance.

Electrification & Connection

Comprehensive solutions for Powertrain electrification

  • Design efficient electric motor
    Either in hybrid propulsion technologies or full electric, careful design of the electrical machines is key to minimizing power consumption and maximizing performance to offer decent accelerations, limiting weight and temperature increases.

    From early topology technical choices addressed by FluxMotor, through to design exploration and optimization with HyperStudy, using a multidisciplinary approach, Altair offer the best-in class suite of solvers:

    Flux electromagnetic FEA, AcuSolve thermal CFD or OptiStruct acoustic prediction, into a single Activate system, our suite streamlines the development process.

  • Optimize charging system design
    Charging systems must be simple, safe and efficient. Thanks to Flux and FEKO, energy flow can be optimized to limit the time of battery charge, while limiting exposure to human and devices nearby.

  • Meeting EMC Requirements
    It is essential to ensure harmonious co-existence of systems in the vehicle while complying with the relevant standards. FEKO and Flux offer high performance solvers for the simulation of both radiated emission and immunity problems. These include the ability to model complex cable harnesses, coupling with antennas in the vehicle, workflows for Electronic Control Unit (ECU) integration and shielding effectiveness.

Robust Connectivity for Communication
Today vehicles include an expanding group of electrical systems including infotainment systems, navigation systems, control systems and active safety systems.

FEKO provides a fully integrated comprehensive computational electromagnetics modeling, solution and visualization environment. Electromagnetic simulation application areas include:

  • Antenna design and placement on vehicles
  • Radio network planning to analyze connected vehicle functions in virtual drive tests
  • RCS analysis

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